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Dry Ridge, Kentucky
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Brooklynn May 28 105 views

How can I change the way I think?

I constantly feel like people are judging me I’m scared to do anything anymore I don’t even leave my room in my own home cause I have this feeling they don’t wanna be around me

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Brooklynn May 28 142 views

What’s the best way to manage money ?

I get paid every week and it’s all gone by the end of that same day i owe people money and I end up not being able to cause I’m spending it on stuff Ik I don’t need

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Brooklynn May 28 144 views

How do I get over shyness ?

I’m constantly scared to do anything cause I’m scared of rejection I’ll do it so much that I end up hurting myself not meaning to and in some situations I’m not afraid of rejection it’s more like I’m just scared of how people will react im scared of what theyll say