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Michelle Jan 30, 2023 749 views

What can I do to prepare for the CPA exam?

I'm a junior in high school who wants to get into accounting, and I'd like more information on the CPA exam.

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Mar 11, 2023 870 views

What jobs are there with a degree in accounting besides an accountant?

Hello, I am a senior in high school. After college I plan on becoming a public accountant but I will still like to learn about other options because just because you have a degree in accounting doesn't mean you have to be a public/private accountant, auditor, tax person, etc. I will either...

Caroline’s Avatar
Caroline Apr 28, 2023 579 views

What are the best ways to show colleges your interest in accounting?

I have wanted to be an account for around 5 years, I want to show my interest in accounting to colleges through extracurriculars, essays, and interviews. How can I achieve this?