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roisin Jun 09 150 views

How do I get started modeling?

There are few to no modeling agencies in my area, and if there are, I have no idea how to find them. Any tips?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 09 371 views

Which career is best for me?

Hi, I'm a student that's super lost about jobs. Like, I keep obsessing over jobs ever since summer break started I can't enjoy my vacation. I know that I enjoy writing, animals, art, finding information, and sharing resources. However, Idk what jobs could actually match my skills. I'm fine with...

Kali’s Avatar
Kali Jun 09 183 views

How would I get a business started when im only 16 and can’t go out to do what I need to do ?

Like I want to do a photography business but I want to get it started up

issac’s Avatar
issac Jun 09 160 views

How do i start work at 13?

How do i start work at 13?