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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Jasmine Sep 16 102 views

What career should I pursue to make loads o& money but still be happy ?

I would also like to be attending an ivy leag3 collluge

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Angel Sep 16 158 views

How do you get into the field of computer science and is it worth it ?

I’m a senior in high-school and I though of persuading a career in computer science, but my problem is; will it be difficult for me to get a job afterwards and will it be worth it?

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Lina Sep 06 128 views

How would I go about funding a second Bachelor's degree?

I honestly did not enjoy my first experience with my first BS degree. The school was not a great fit for me, and if I had been honest with myself about what I wanted for my education, I would've transferred to a school that was (distance wise) closer to my hometown and had a unique major that I...

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Piyush Sep 05 132 views

What should I do? I am not able to decide should i go for abroad studies or iits?

I am a Indian student currently studying in 11th grade. I don't know if i go for US universities (I have 1 - 1.5 yrs, but my profile is too weak.) or I should go for University in my country like IITs which are top unis in my country but the selection is around 1-2%. I really wanted to study...

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jaelyn Sep 04 171 views

What can I do to be more successful in whatever career I chose in the future ?

What can I do to be more successful in whatever career I chose in the future ?