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Arvaiya Dec 05, 2023 172 views

different parts of data science ?

In data science is there more than just finding data for businesses? Is there other tasks?

Arvaiya’s Avatar
Arvaiya Dec 05, 2023 199 views

can Data Science be overwhelming?

If it is overwhelming can you tell me why it is? What is the most overwhelming task in this career or you have done?

Arvaiya’s Avatar
Arvaiya Dec 05, 2023 216 views

Dislikes about Data Science?

What do you dislike about Data Science? Is there a task that annoys you, or you just don't like doing?

Arvaiya’s Avatar
Arvaiya Dec 05, 2023 403 views

what characteristics do you need for Data Science?

How do you have to act when being a Data Scientist? Do you have to be really good at math? Do you need to be a person who does not get distracted easily?

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Meme Dec 05, 2023 229 views

What do I need to achieve to have these careers And if I wanted to pursue starting a buisness instead of college where do i start? How do you maintain your life outside of school? Why do I need to have a certain degree for something? - thank you!?

How hard is it to be in college