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Brandon Jul 28, 2023 493 views

What are key skills to have when going into the cybersecurity industry?

Hello, I'm Brandon, and I'm a rising freshman from Atlanta, Georgia. I've researched a bit about cybersecurity and with the computer programming skills that I have now, I see cybersecurity as a promising career path for me; one thing I'm not sure of, though, is what soft skills are the most...

Hyago’s Avatar
Hyago Aug 25, 2023 318 views

How can i start my career in cybersecurity?

I'm Brazilian and I've been working in the area of information technology infrastructure for four years. My trajectory has been characterized by self-education. I am currently enrolled in an undergraduate course in cyber defense. I am interested in knowing how I can get my first job opportunity...

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Yaziel Feb 06 649 views

What are some hard things you have to go through as a computer network specialist?

I am researching about this topic and would like to find more things about this career.