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Nowthen, MN
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I want to get an apprenticeship at a machining company so i do not need to pay much or anything for my tuition

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Joe Feb 22 471 views

What salary should I look for to have a family?

i hope to have a family and would like to know how much an average family of 4-6 people would need to live comfortably with the current outlook on inflation affecting prices and housing costs going only up.

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Joe Feb 22 480 views

Do contact sports like wrestling and football look good on a resume?

I currently am participating in football wrestling and would like to know if I should add them to my resumes

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Joe Feb 14 701 views

What manufacturing companies offer apprenticeships for high school students over the summer?

my name is Joe and i am a sophomore in high school who is also on a robotics team. I am trying to find an apprenticeship for myself during the summer for a summer job. right now i am investigating UMC in Monticello MN for my summer apprenticeship but i would appreciate options between companies.