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Sean Mar 26, 2014 1775 views

Is it hard to balance a job and a sport you love in college?

I am a wrestler in high school, and I am hoping to get a scholarship for wrestling. But I don't know if it is good idea to do so because I would have to pay rent AND study AND practice. Can I have some advice? #college #life #athlete

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Sean Mar 26, 2014 1475 views

What is a good starting Journalist job?

I am an aspiring journalist who lives in San Jose, CA. I am looking for a job in journalism, but I am only 15. IS there any journalism jobs that would be appropriate to apply for? #journalism #first-job

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Sean Mar 25, 2014 1606 views

When you graduate college, what job do you usually get?

I am wondering what you do when you leave college (What jobs, housing, life, etc). #college #jobs

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Sean Mar 21, 2014 5774 views

What are some fast-paced jobs?

I don't want to go into a boring career, I want to go into a career that is fun and fast-paced. Could you tell me a few to get my mind spinning? #jobs #ideas

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Sean Mar 20, 2014 2899 views

For a journalist, Can you voice you opinion or only state facts?

I took a journalism class in 9th grade and I fell in love with it. But my teacher said that a journalist must only state the facts. I love to voice my opinion though, so I don't know what to do. #journalism #opinion

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Sean Mar 19, 2014 1259 views

How could a teen like me get an internship? (I am fifteen)

I have been looking for a job/internship, but I can't find any that are good for me or will accept me. So my question is that "How could a teen like me get an internship?" #internships

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Sean Mar 18, 2014 1441 views

Is it hard to change your career?

I am interested in becoming a journalist, or a geneticist, or a veterinarian, or... You get the point. I have a lot ot career ideas, but none I am too sure about. I am wondering, if I try to become a journalist, and later on I don't like it, is changing careers hard? #changing-careers

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Sean Mar 17, 2014 1757 views

Is journalism a good field to go into right now? If you are a journalist, do you have any tips?

I am EXTREMELY interested in being a journalist, anything will help! #journalism #advice #news

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Sean Mar 17, 2014 1047 views

Any Geneticist tips?

I am very interested in the field of genetics, but I don't know what they do, nor anything else about geneticists. Could someone help? #genetics

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Sean Mar 17, 2014 2306 views

How did you decide what career you chose to follow?

I am having a little trouble finding a career to follow. Anything will help, thanks!