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Manhattan, Kansas
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I want to become a sports psychologist for collegiate athletes because athletes face different pressures than most people understand. As a former athlete and musician, I understand the pressures athletes feel to be perfect.



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Riley Apr 24 124 views

For clinical therapists How do you keep yourself from experiencing burnout? What practices have you used to keep work and personal feelings separate? #Spring24

I am a sophomore in college studying sport psychology and would like to be a clinical therapist for collegiate athletes. #Spring24

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Riley Mar 23 316 views

What ways can I become more involved at Kansas State University?

What are some opportunities at Kansas State University that you would recommend for incoming students to know about / join?

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Riley Mar 23 243 views

How competitive is the route to becoming a sports psychologist?

I am very confident in my ability to graduate with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a minor in kinesiology. However, I don't know how difficult the road in front of me is in terms of earning my masters and Psy. D in to become a sports psychologist.

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Riley Mar 23 229 views

Where should an undergraduate psychology student look for an internship/job experience?

I would like to become a sports psychologist and work with collegiate athletes. In order to accomplish this, I need to earn a master's and doctorate degree. I'm not sure where to start with work experience though.