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Jennifer Dec 17, 2016 775 views

What are the benefits & downsides to becoming an accountant/going into the business path?

I am a 17 year old senior, currently applying to colleges. My boyfriend says he wants to become an accountant. I want him to know what being an accountant/businessman is like and what to expect. #business #accounting #mathematics #financial-accounting

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Jennifer Dec 17, 2016 979 views

I do not know what I want to pursue in college. I know I want to help people, what careers can I go in?

I'm a 17 year old senior, currently I am thinking of becoming a dentist but before that I wanted to pursue pharmaceuticals. I've been hopping around from career the career, but as I am applying to colleges I need to make up my mind. Please help me. #business #medicine #nursing...

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Jennifer Apr 03, 2014 1333 views

Should you choose a career that you enjoy or that is beneficial to get money?

I'm a teenage girl in New York City who doesn't really know what career she should take. #lawyer