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Leslie L. Jan 31, 2018

What are some volunteer/internships in Dallas for high school students who want to study in the medical field?

I have realized that having medical school opportunities will help you stand out and benefit you in the long run. I have heard about the STARS program but I believe it is too late to apply for that program. #medical #internships #volunteering...


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Leslie L. Mar 22, 2017

What are some traits/characteristics that doctors must keep in order to work successfully?

I've been told that to become a medical doctor, you must have many good traits such as patience and dedication, which I do hold currently, but what are other crucial ones needed when working in this career field? #doctor #medical #work-life-balance #knowledge #student-development #personality...


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Leslie L. Mar 08, 2017

What classes should I take in high school to better my chances of becoming a doctor?

I am recently choosing some classes for my third year of high school and I wanted to gain some insight from professionals. #doctor #medical #courses...