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xzavier May 26, 2016 922 views

what schools are best recommended to be a dj

I wanted to know because i want to make electronical dance music music like some of my idols #music #sound-editing #sound-mixing #djing

Makaylan’s Avatar
Makaylan Jan 18, 2018 606 views

Will I need to observe all grade levels if I only plan to teach band in high school or above?

I plan on becoming a band director in a high school and possibly a private school or boarding school later on in my career. I’m curious when I am getting my teaching degree if I will have to observe younger classes like elementary and middle school if I don’t plan on teaching in those...

Elena’s Avatar
Elena Feb 08, 2017 821 views

Does a job as a DJ ever get too wild?

Hi I was wondering if a job as a DJ ever gets too wild and if you can get in trouble for playing music too loud or something like that. #music #dj

azra’s Avatar
azra May 18, 2016 895 views

How do I become a singer?

My career plan is to became an singer. What should I do after my degree?

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #music #singer #music-production

William’s Avatar
William Jan 17, 2018 785 views

Is listening to music while studying productive?

I often listen to power metal or classical music while doing homework or studying. I'm starting to think that it might be distracting. Is listening to music while studying more harmful or beneficial? #music

Edgar’s Avatar
Edgar Jan 22, 2018 659 views

Music as a career

I'm in 11th grade and ive relatively had success being a singer by posting covers on the site Youtube. I got up to 60,000+ views in each video without telling my friends about it, because i was doing popular songs so it was easy for people around the world to find me without promoting myself....

Juan Carlos’s Avatar
Juan Carlos Jan 23, 2018 811 views

How do i begin a musical career?

I want to learn how to make music my profession or even where to start.
#music #music-production #music-industry #music-recording #music-education #music-composition