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Helen Gonzalez

Sr Executive Assistant at AIG
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Houston, Texas
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Hamid Oct 18, 2016 848 views

What jobs are there in the buisness field that are both high-paid wile being fulfilling?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #business #college-major #college-majors

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 09, 2017 1429 views

Do you have to major in a science to go to Med school?

Heard that you didn't just wanted to be sure. #doctor #science #biology

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny May 06, 2016 939 views

What college classes do i have to take to become a counselor?

The reason why i'm asking this question is because I know i want to help people, i feel like counseling will be my best go to and i want to know where to start . #high-school #information

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 04, 2017 1986 views

Should I do a summer abroad or a summer internship?

About to become a junior in college