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Lilia M. Dec 16, 2014 899 views

How do you confront a boss when he isn't treating you with respect?

I Intern at Silicon Valley Space Center- with no rewards. I don't get paid, I don't receive any kind of educational support or guidance, but I am constantly thrown in to situations where I have zero idea of how to accomplish a task-let even know really what the task is. I work very hard and...

#boss #internships #communication #communications #respectful

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Lilia M. Oct 10, 2014 1136 views

What types of careers come from environmental science degrees?

I am very passionate about the environment, and the sciences in general, and am hoping to pursuing a environmental science degree from the UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, or Northeastern University. I love making a difference, and want to know what types of careers that come from an environmental...

#ecological-restoration #biology #environmental-science #conservation #science