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Nodira Ismoilova, J.D.

Senior Associate in Mergers & Acquisitions Tax at PwC
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Legal Occupations
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Joanna’s Avatar
Joanna Mar 16, 2018 747 views

How can I manage my time more effectiely?

I am having a hard time managing my time between work and #school

mackenzie’s Avatar
mackenzie Mar 16, 2018 738 views

How will I pay for college once I graduate?

I worry about the cost of attending college.

Kellen’s Avatar
Kellen Mar 16, 2018 953 views

At what point in your college career did you decide on which direction to take?

I am currently interested in enrolling in Electrical Engineering. However, there are so many different directions within this field, I'm not sure which one I should take. At what point in your college career did you figure it out? #electricalengineering #electrical-engineering...

Irma’s Avatar
Irma Mar 16, 2018 645 views

How do I know what career I should choose?

Everyone always picks career ideas based off how much money they make. I'm not worried about money. I'm worried about my overall happiness and whether or not I will actually find enjoyment and passion in the job that I have. #worried #advice #nervous #help

Joshua Vincent’s Avatar
Joshua Mar 16, 2018 514 views

Should I take extra classes that don't relate to my intended major?

One of the hardest things about deciding the majors I want to follow was figuring out the coursework involved in each of them. I don't want them to bore me, but at the same time, I need to take specific classes for the major that may not be interesting. Most colleges offer unique classes that...