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Hector A. Jan 21, 2015 8631 views

How did you choose where to do your residency?

I know becoming a doctor requires several years of schooling, but I am unsure of the process after Pre-Med and Medical School. How do Doctors decide where to do their residency? #doctor #medicine #surgeon #hospital #medical-field...


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Hector A. Jan 21, 2015 3389 views

What does a cardiac surgeon do on a day to day basis?

My name is Hector. I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I was always intrigued by the medical field but I also want to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts. I am an undefeated fighter and currently the youngest, and top ranked teenager for Muay Thai in Boston if not...

#cardiac-surgeon #medicine #cardiology #surgeon #doctor #mixed-martial-arts