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Isabel May 16, 2018 709 views

What are some studying habits that are easy to follow through with?

When I advance to college the curriculum is going to advance as well. I want to learn easy study habits so I have less risk falling off task and more success into comprehending what is needed. #junior-high #college #college-bound

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Mar 18, 2018 564 views

where do i look for an Internship relating to computer engineering?

I'm currently studying computer engineering, planning on getting a bachelor's in said field. I heard that internships are a great way to gain experience and prepare one for there future career. If i was to get an internship, where/how do i find one?

izeair’s Avatar
izeair Jan 22, 2018 470 views

How long do you have to attend colloge for learning computers

i want to know more about what i have to do #puterlife

Tayler’s Avatar
Tayler Jan 16, 2018 1051 views

Should I get a laptop for college?

I know alot of students in college uses the computer for taking notes by putting it on vioce type. Which is really smart but the computer I have is really slow on take notes like that. So should I get a new one or should I keep the one I have? #college #computers #laptops #college-prep