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Landen W. Feb 21, 2017 453 views

What kind of college would I need to go to in order to become a cop?

I do not know what to do or go to a college I want to be cop. I live in South Dakota and I want to be a detective. #college...


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Madelyne M. Jan 16, 2018 233 views

How do I fund my college education?

I am excited because I was recently accepted to my dream college (Ohio U) and I can't wait to go! But I'm also terrified because I have no idea how I can pay for it. I keep applying for every scholarship I see...but I haven't won anything yet and time is passing by. What can I do? #tuition...

#ohio-university #scholarships #college #financial-aid

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Erasmo R. Jul 19, 2018 340 views

what can I do as a US resident waiting for citezenship?

Currently an immigrant high school graduate starting school at a city college soon. I would like to transfer to a state after and graduate in 2022. I will be getting residency that same year from my grandmother, I believe. My dream has always been to work for SFPD as the job interests me the...

#policeacademy #police #citezenshiprequirements #cop #immigration #criminal-justice