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Sinit Jun 27, 2018 895 views

How can I play soccer and how can I be a good player?

#soccer #sports #professional-athlete #professional-sports #athletics

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Justin Oct 26, 2015 1239 views

What does a good job mean if your not getting enough money?

I'm a middle school student and I want a job but can't find one that's right for me. What's a job if you work your butt off and not get enough money? if you could answer my questions that would be great thank you.

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Fierdeos Aug 27, 2018 555 views

Should I go for my masters in Finance?

Im on my 3rd year of college. #college-student

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Colton Aug 16, 2018 466 views

What is the best way to be able to pay for college without having debt?

I know scholarships are a big option but sometimes that doesn't always work out. What about working part time or working in the summer? What're your suggestions? #scholarships #finance

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Brandi Aug 30, 2018 760 views

How to balance working?

I plan to work as I go to school. I am simply curious about the difficulty of this and if you may know any tips for balancing the two duties. Thank you in advance! :) #working #work-life-balance #school