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Grace Lescano

Cardiology and Critical Care Registered Nurse
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
San Francisco, California
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Madison’s Avatar
Madison Aug 07, 2018 580 views

I plan on going to college next year for nursing but I'm not sure what kind of nursing and I'm worried I wont get enough exposure to decide. What tips do you have so I can make an informed decision when I graduate?


Elissa’s Avatar
Elissa Oct 15, 2018 738 views

How did you pick a nursing specialty?

I have heard everything from people ready to set foot on the floor immediately, to having no clue where to start. Are there any tips or signs of what specialty would be best for a nurse? #nursing #medicine #nurse #healthcare

MaryKate’s Avatar
MaryKate Oct 28, 2018 572 views

What was the single most helpful course that you took for a career in nursing?

I am interested in pursuing a career in nursing and was wondering about important courses in which to concentrate.


Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Oct 26, 2018 511 views

I do not have a lot of CNA experience, will I continue to get more exposure as a Nursing student and on the job as a Nurse?

#healthcare #nursing #nurse