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Whitney Kessler

Lead Product Marketing Manager at AT&T
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Los Angeles, California
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Micah Aug 27, 2018 531 views

If my dream jobs don't exactly workout, how can I make sure I will have a backup plan?

I need to figure out what I am going to do if I don't end up playing football for whatever college I go to.

#backup plan

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Aug 27, 2018 563 views

How do I know what my min pay should be

I have been going on job interviews and never know what I should respond for my minimum wage requirement. How do I answer that without shortchanging myself. #minimumwage #ineedaraise #finance #money

Judith’s Avatar
Judith Aug 30, 2018 540 views

Who do you admire or look up to?

inspire #exams

Callyan’s Avatar
Callyan Jan 12, 2018 709 views

How beneficial would studying abroad be for a zoology student?

I am considering studying abroad but I am a zoology/ field biology major and I was just wondering how beneficial it would be for me to study abroad with these majors.
#zoology #study-abroad #college #academic-advising

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Jan 16, 2018 946 views

Companies with good business training programs

I'm struggling to find companies on the West Coast with good new grad training programs - anyone have any experience with that?

#after-graduation #training #business #jobs #intro-position