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Brendan Apr 19, 2016 1552 views

Do I have to go to a cc for 2 years to transfer?

Currently a junior in high school and I want to go to ASU but my GPA is terrible so i'm considering going to a community college. My main question is do I have to go for 2 years, can I just got for 1 year? the reason I ask is because my GPA right now is 2.157, terrible I know but I have...

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Brendan Mar 21, 2016 1139 views

1 on 1 talk with college director/admissions?

Currently a junior in high school and am wanting to go to ASU (Arizona State University) and I am wondering if everyone gets a 1 on 1 conversation with the college director to be accepted because my GPA (2.157 I know, its horrific) is terrible and I want to have the chance to explain myself to...

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Brendan Mar 10, 2016 1557 views

What is academic probation?

I want to go to ASU very badly but my GPA is terrible...2.15... I know, but if I do get in some how will I get on academic probation right away? I've heard about it but I don't really know what it is other than they can kick me out if I don't meet certain standards #college #school...

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Brendan Feb 16, 2016 1180 views

What do college directors look at?

I'm a junior in high school right now and today during school we did registration for the ACT and they handed out our GPA's....... my GPA so far is a 2.157..... but! I wanna know what colleges look at because freshman and sophomore year I went to different schools and I might be moving again so...

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Brendan Feb 08, 2016 1231 views

GPA? how is it looked at??

Im currently a junior in high school and this now is just crossing my mind, do colleges add up all 3 or 4 years of GPA and then divide it by a certain number to get an overall high school GPA or is it freshman year is one GPA, sophomore is another GPA, Junior year is another GPA and senior year...

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Brendan Feb 08, 2016 2466 views

GPA calculation help?

So im a junior in highschool right now and my GPA isnt the greatest. FRESHMAN YEAR- English- C- English - D- History-C Gym- A- Algebra- D+ Algebra- F Physical science- D+ physical science- B- Spanish- A- Spanish- C Computer class- B Art- B...

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Brendan Feb 04, 2016 1207 views

Best way to add things to your college application?

What are some things that I could add onto my college application to make me look good, I'm currently a junior in high school, not in any clubs or sports because the clubs here are kinda lame and some sports I could. I used to play soccer also but not for high school level, and I have a job is...

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Brendan Feb 04, 2016 1007 views

What are the requirements for out of state colleges (Arizona State)?

My friend and I want to go to Arizona state university but don't exactly know what the requirements are because we're coming out of state. I read some of the requirements but I've also read that sometimes the requirements like GPA, ACT and SAT scores need to be higher than in state since we're...

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Brendan Jan 29, 2016 1166 views

What exactly are college scholarships and tuition?

I've always heard people talk about college scholarships and tuition but don't know exactly what they are and i'm pretty close to college. All i know is that they help pay for college and tuition is the cost of something but what exactly? #college

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Brendan Dec 18, 2015 2913 views

Will colleges accept me with such a bad GPA?

I have a very bad GPA (2.16 at the end of sophomore year) and I'm a junior in high school how can I raise my GPA in the easiest way possible? and do colleges even accept people with such a low GPA as mine?Do I even have a chance? I wanna have a 3.0 at least at the end of senior year, does...

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Brendan Sep 03, 2015 14598 views

How successful are actors and how likely is it for you to become a good/famous actor?

I am a junior and I want to get into acting but im not sure how successful they are and how likely it is for someone to get high in the acting career like a good actor. Also im not completely sure on how they get paid

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Brendan May 22, 2015 2191 views

College? Grades? Actor?

What would be a good college to go to for acting? Anywhere in Wisconsin? If not there it doesnt matter where, and what kind of grades would a coming up actor get? like B's? just out of curiosity because i'm only in 10th grade going to be a junior soon. Also for my Junior year what class should...

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Brendan May 13, 2015 1861 views

how do I start my acting career?

Im in 10th grade and have been thinking about becoming an actor because I cannot see myself doing anything else in the world. I like to watch T.V shows like The walking dead, Arrow, The flash etc. and I would like to become involved in shows like those some day but I have absolutely no...