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Appleton, Wisconsin

Within 40 mile radius
kelsie’s Avatar
kelsie May 29 323 views

What is the best school for someone (around the wisconsin area) who wants to be an esthetician??

Im looking for a school that will give me the best education on skin, all types of facials and brows.

Carli’s Avatar
Carli May 27 310 views

How do I know if the career I’m looking at is right for me?

Looking for a job

xochilt’s Avatar
xochilt May 06 380 views

what is the best fashion design?

fashion tips

Scot’s Avatar
Scot Mar 21 441 views

how to get a better career?

high paying jobs in the future

Nazmul’s Avatar
Nazmul Dec 06, 2023 987 views

What class do you read in?

Whats class

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Sep 10, 2023 252 views

How did you find the work place that was right for you?

I do not have really any experience in the physical therapy field (no internships) so how can I find where to start?

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Sep 10, 2023 473 views

Any tips for medschool?

How do you recommend preparing for college and does anyone have any study tip on how to make it feel less of a drag and make it stay in our mind better?

Princess’s Avatar
Princess Jul 12, 2023 287 views

How do young people like me start a business or a brand?


Princess’s Avatar
Princess Jul 12, 2023 255 views

Why is it so hard for teenagers to make money fast at the age of 13?

100 dollars
Credit cards
500 dollars
Online deals

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Jul 10, 2023 278 views

How does a District Attorney go about making a case against a defendant?

After someone is called to court for a criminal offense.

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 01, 2023 365 views

Is it hard to become a dermatologist?

How hard is it to become a dermatologist and what should I major in to be on that career pathway? Also what are some colleges that you would recommend

maysa’s Avatar
maysa Jun 30, 2023 183 views

What should I expect when I enter college?

I want to be a engineer of some sort I have not decide what kind yet, I'm curious on what I should expect

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Jun 01, 2023 304 views

How to I get into forensic science?

Where should I start? When should I apply for a forensics science program? I'm only a sophomore in high school and I'm curious as what qualifications I need to be accepted in to said program.

aurora’s Avatar
aurora Apr 03, 2023 508 views

How do i know i want to go into art??

I love art but what if i get burned out? its a fun hobby but being FORCED to do it might take the fun away?

myla’s Avatar
myla Nov 11, 2019 509 views

Are there any Careers as a doctor working only with special education children?

#education #doctor #medicine

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