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Woonsocket, Rhode Island
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Cleone Apr 12, 2016 2249 views

How can I increase my chances on getting into a Genetic Counselor training program in college?

I'm High School Junior student from Rhode Island. My life career is to become a genetic counselor. I know that getting into a Genetic Counselor training program is pretty competitive, but I want information on how can I increase my chances. It would be exceptional if I can find free pre-college...

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Cleone May 18, 2015 1055 views

What colleges in Boston can benefit me if I want to become a Phlebotomist?

I want to work with people and be in the medical field at the same time. In order to land a job in this specific area I want to receive good quality education with experience in a college located in Boston. #college #experience #medical-field #phlebotomist