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Brockton, Massachusetts
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Antonio May 18, 2015 1807 views

After college, what is the best way to get a job at a law firm?

I am still in High School but i want to plan my life as a lawyer early in my life. #law #lawyer #government #internship #district-attorney #early-action

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Alanna May 19, 2015 1138 views

What are the first steps after college to be able to start your own Vet Practice??

My plan is to startmy own vet practice and I want to know whatsteps to take after college. #business #veterinary #veterinary-medicine

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Alanna May 19, 2015 939 views

Does Majoring in Biology give you props when applying for a job in a vet's office?

I want to go to vet school after Community College and I love bio #biology #veterinary #veterinary-medicine