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Ronald Logan Jr

Collateral Analyst
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania
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Lucianna’s Avatar
Lucianna Jan 16, 2018 715 views

What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced as a vocal performance major and how did you overcome it?

I am going to major in vocal performance in college after I graduate. There are many perceived challenges of the field but I want to know what problems arise. I would like to be better prepared. #vocalperformance #voice #opera #challenges #music #performing-arts

Ms.’s Avatar
Ms. Jan 16, 2020 746 views

I'm interested in going into real estate and helping the family business. How do I get started?

My parents have a couple of properties that they would like to sell in the coming years. They want me to get a headstart into #real-estate so I can help them out in the future, but I don't know where to begin.

Brenna’s Avatar
Brenna Mar 10, 2019 650 views

Are there any opportunities you wish you took but never did?

I am having a dilemma about whether or not to pursue music. I LOVE making music but I also am.. nervous.. about pursuing solely music. I have a great opportunity to do so, and I don't want to regret not taking it. #music #musician #music-industry #regrets #opportunities

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 03, 2019 590 views

What’s different ways to better gain funding for school

#jobs #career #schools