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tyler D. Apr 23 90 views

Higher paying jobs for current college students?

So I'm 20 and a community college student. I've been working since I was 15, and have done it all. I've worked retail, restaurants, and manual labor. I also fix houses with my uncle as a 2nd job. But I'm getting tired. Tired of working strenuous jobs for $8.50/hour. I'm looking for a job that...

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jennie S. Jun 18 65 views

i want to work in an editorial department of a publishing house and I would like to know what majors I should take in college?

so I know I have 5 years left of school but I just like things planned out and I really want to start looking into the subjects I need to know. From what I've heard I think its communication, english, and journalism? I would like to know which one would fit. Thank you <3...