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Mike Huynh, MBA

Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Richmond, Texas
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John Sep 21, 2018 763 views

Will posting photos to Intagram help launch my career in photography?


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Alexa Mar 25, 2018 1808 views

How do I devote my career to serving others while making sure I'm financially stable and independent?

My college education has been rich in genuine service, social action, and giving back to my campus and my community. I have loved every second of this experience because I thrive on interacting with new people and I want to change the world. I truly believe people can make an impact and I want...

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Joy Clarisse May 13, 2016 2900 views

What advice do you have for an aspiring leader?

In the program I'm going into for college, I am a part of a cohort. We are expected to show and learn about leadership qualities. What can I do to further my leadership? #leadership #leader #youth #leaders #youth-leadership #student-leadership #leading-people #leading-teams

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breanna Aug 19, 2018 1434 views

What are some good general life skills I can learn which will help me succeed at college as a Freshman?

Entering college as a Freshman next year and I want to have my best chance at success
#success #college #school #general #leadership #higher-education#mentor#life#goals#freshman#hardwork