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Cornelius Apr 01, 2019 1536 views

How does make money?

I wish to know how this awesome project ( makes money in order to ensure the project is running through out.
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Cornelius Nov 28, 2018 963 views

How can I determine website sponsor pricing.

I am grateful to the wealth of advice I get from this site. Now I have a question regarding the above subject matter. I have a social enterprise website (non-profit) specialized in a specific field. My model of raising revenue for sustainability is basic listing service (which I have already...

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Cornelius Jan 12, 2018 788 views

How can i determine price for my decals

I have done an intensive research to identify the extend of the need I intend to address and some of the ways to address it. One of the ways in addressing the need under reference is through the use of decals. I have therefore developed decals for a certain market. The cost of producing one...