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Michael Nov 14, 2019 296 views

What’s the bonds between nurses And their patients

#nurse #nursing #medicine #registered-nurses #healthcare

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Kimberly Nov 19, 2019 212 views

What are the skills you have to have to be a good nurse?

I would like to be a great nurse to know how to do my job well. #nurse

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Adaline Nov 20, 2019 243 views

How much skills and knowledge will I achieve once I enter for RN?

My name is Adaline, I am 22 years old and a mom of 1.
I like to spend a s much time as I can with my son, and go to the park.
As I am interested in RN, I’d like to have an idea of what skills will I achieve and how much knowledge I can obtain.

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Jacobi Jan 31, 2020 363 views

What's the most difficult part of nursing school?

#nursing #nurse #medicine

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Dexter Feb 24, 2020 463 views

What's the most nerve wrecking part about being a nurse?

I am patient and very humble guy. Violence does not sway me at all. I tend to care for things in a precarious way. which got me interested in nursing. " the care for others" #nurse #nursing #healthcare#registered-nurses

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Clarissa Sep 23, 2019 392 views

How many years overall to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner?


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brittany Feb 21, 2020 811 views

what does a typical day look like for critical care nurse?

#nurse #medical #doctor