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Marla S. Mar 15, 2020 162 views

Graphic Design

How do I start a portfolio...


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KAREN L. Mar 21, 2020 131 views
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Nayeli L. Apr 14, 2020 251 views

Should I transfer to a different college that has a BS in Nursing Science?

I'm currently a freshman at UCSD, and not to long ago I decided to pursue a career in nursing, however, my college doesn't have a BS in nursing. I am a human biology major and was wondering if I should stick with that and then go to nursing school or if I should transfer to another college that...

#college #nursing #healthcare #registered-nurses

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Kaitlyn S. Apr 29, 2020 248 views

What does volunteering mean to you?

My name is Kate and I am passionate about volunteering and making the world a better place. I love helping people to realize their full potential in life and help them accomplish their dreams. #shootforthestars...