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Brendan V. Dec 18, 2015 2002 views

Will colleges accept me with such a bad GPA?

I have a very bad GPA (2.16 at the end of sophomore year) and I'm a junior in high school how can I raise my GPA in the easiest way possible? and do colleges even accept people with such a low GPA as mine?Do I even have a chance? I wanna have a 3.0 at least at the end of senior year, does...

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Krishia A. May 20, 2016 751 views

Do school counselors' role vary depending on the grade of school they are working in?

I want to know if a school counselor's role differ in an elementary school, middle school, high school, and college due to students' age and their behaviors. I can see a school counselor in a middle school would likely to deal with behavioral issues where as high school can be different....

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Esther C. Mar 27, 2017 674 views

Is there a career and major that pertains to both journalism and science?

As a high school student, on my way to college, I find myself oddly interested in journalism and science. Thus, I am wondering are there any jobs/careers that will allow me to perform tasks in both these areas. Additionally, what majors are be best for these interests? #career #science...

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