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Ted Martin

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Denton, Texas
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Niles Feb 07 218 views

Is hvac hard work?

Is the tech for hvac hard to master or does it come along the way?

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JaRon Apr 19, 2022 244 views

What do you do to stay sufficient?

What do you do to improve or stay "sharp" on your craft besides conducting service routines?

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Keith Apr 26, 2021 341 views

What in your opinion is the worst thing about doing HVAC?

#hvac #tradesman

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JoelRaymond Sep 20, 2019 333 views

What experience do I need to be a successful electrician?

#electrician #construction #relaytechnician

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Jean May 21, 2019 790 views

What knowledge is required to wire buildings for electrical sevice?