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Toronto, ON
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I plan on going into sports medicine in Toronto at St, Michael's Hospital.


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Kelly W. Jul 17, 2020 329 views

How to build a good relationship with your professors?

I heading into university and due to Covid-19, my first semester is going to be online. Of course, there are going to be many obstacles but the most troubling is connecting with professors. I want to get to know them as well as making myself known and that I want to excel in their class. But I...

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Kelly W. Jul 17, 2020 335 views

What to consider before join the CAF?

I've recently been interested in joining the Canadian Armed Forces. It is now something I'm highly considering after I finish my undergrad degree. However, not a lot of people followed this path and was wondering is there anything to consider being committed to this option? #CAF...

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Kelly W. Jun 02, 2020 590 views

How to ask for references?

I've been applying for volunteer and job positions for the summers and ALL of them require references and past employers. Although I have a strong list of teachers and a few past employers, my list is pretty short. (All my positions were long term, I have more quality than quantity) I feel bad...

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Kelly W. May 04, 2020 299 views

How to stand out as a newly highschool graduate?

I recently graduated from high school. I plan to find a relevant internship this summer before University gets really busy. However, I find it very hard to find a program that takes graduating high school students because the lack of experience. What should I do? #internship