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Bend, Oregon

Within 40 mile radius
Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jan 13, 2018 1013 views

Best colleges for environmental science?

I'd love to go to #college for #environmental-science but wonder which colleges/universities here in the U.S. I should prioritize applying to. What would you say are the best colleges for environmental science? #science #college-selection

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jan 13, 2018 747 views

What types of careers can I pursue with a degree in Environmental Science?

#science #environmental-science #career

Brenna’s Avatar
Brenna May 22, 2016 763 views

How should someone pursuing a career in the health field receive clinical experience?

What are some good ways to obtain clinical experience to prepare for a career in health professions or in preparation of applying to post graduate schools? #health #pre-med #research #volunteering #volunteer

Brenna’s Avatar
Brenna May 22, 2016 1014 views

When is a suitable time to start searching for Physcian Assistant schools?

After doing some research I noticed that the requirements for Physician Assistant programs vary a lot according to the instituiton, unlike many other health professional schools. Does that mean it would be more beneficial and time efficient for me to start narrowing down schools earlier during...

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