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Duchesne, Utah

Within 40 mile radius
Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Jan 16, 2018 805 views

How could I use Psychology to help the homeless?

#psychology #poverty #community #community-outreach #homelessness #nonprofits

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Jan 16, 2018 736 views

How can do accomplish the most with my degree?

I am currently majoring in Psychology and I was wondering what steps would be best in order to get the most of my degree, in the sense of helping others. #psychology #helping-others

Sue’s Avatar
Sue Jan 16, 2018 911 views

What are the two most important things to be aware of as I enter the workforce as a master's level professional?

In two years I will be looking for work with a master's degree. I am wondering how to get the best position possible. In social work there are many opportunities.

#socialwork #masters-degree #lcsw #therapists

Sue’s Avatar
Sue Jan 16, 2018 2651 views

What is the most difficult part of getting a master's degree?

I'm just starting my master's program at Utah State University and am finding that it is different than most of my bachelor's levels classes.

#social-work #masters-degree

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