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Oroquieta City, Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Within 40 mile radius
Maronaila’s Avatar
Maronaila Jun 18 256 views

Can i still be a cosmetic scientist if my major is education in chemistry? I believe I will take the units needed and I plan to pursue masters after I get my bachelors degree?

I believe I will take the units needed and I plan to pursue masters after I get my bachelors degree

Andree' Katherine’s Avatar
Andree' Katherine Apr 24 363 views

What jobs are usually inclined with computer engineering?

Like when it comes to hardware or embedded systems what career path are there?

Kenneth A. Reyes’s Avatar
Kenneth A. Reyes Nov 27, 2021 1963 views


#career #job-search

Ayescent’s Avatar
Ayescent Aug 03, 2021 633 views

In need of money but a minor

So, uh, I have some circumstances that are #money #job #job-search happening right now, and I need some money. But I'm a minor, and I can't go out to find jobs. I need to find a job online, but I am not sure if they will accept minor and someone who doesn't have any experience

sarah’s Avatar
sarah Jan 29, 2021 456 views

i want to be kpop idol but I'm afraid to audition because if i pass i can't afford the flight to Korea


Jose Miguel’s Avatar
Jose Miguel Jan 27, 2021 1495 views

What job can I be able to work with as a student?

I want to take any job that I can possibly do with my skills and willing to learn and adopt new skills from the other people. #student #job-search #technology

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Jan 12, 2021 594 views

Im having a hard time choosing the course that I will be taking for college

Im into mass communication,journalism,political science, psychology,oublic administration,international relations that's my options.Also I want to be in a fashion industry since its my hobby and broadcasting since Im joining contests before about it. #general

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