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Where can I find a list of scholarships and grants along with a description of their application processes?

College application season is here, and seniors all over the country are looking for scholarships and grants to help reduce the cost of attendance. This young lady from Houston is hoping to win some scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic year. #college #scholarships #college-applications #debt #grants #personal-finance

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3 answers

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Andy’s Answer

First off, please make sure to be careful when applying for scholarships and grants. There are a lot of great scholarships out there but there are a lot of scams as well. Make sure to check the validity of scholarships on sites like this:


That being said, the US government also lists a lot of available grants and scholarships:


You should also be sure to check your local city, county, and state official sites for options specific to you.

Awesome advice. Thanks, Andy! Student Voices by CV ..

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Lisa’s Answer

Hi there. Go to your local library where they have books with college listings. Ask for a book that lists scholarships. This will be in the reference section. It is a huge book and it will take some time to sift through to find ones that apply to you. You won't have to worry about scams.

Also, have your tried speaking to your school Guidance Counselor?

Do some research for the best rated community college in your area. A. Get your Associates and transfer college credits to a 4 yr. B. Train in a certificate program of interest at your CC. This is usually 18 to 24 months. Work in the field, save money for 4 yr college to minimize how much loans you will need.

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Frank’s Answer

Hello Senior Students at Santa Cruz California. Thanks for your CV Voice Question: " Where can I find a list of scholarships and grants along with a description or their application processes?"

Dear Senior Students here are the list of HASHTAGS##### for you to look at on your computer: #money #finances #college #collegeapplications #jobs #debt #grants #personalfinance #job. Make sure you read ALL the Stories and news items and remember to write in your comments. Plus you can ask more questions from your school careers adviser, class teachers and school librarian. Ask TESOL Teacher Frank more Questions anytime. Best wishes and Good Luck Senior CV Students in Santa Cruz California.

Hi Frank. Thank you for taking the time to submit a response today. Can you make your response more directly applicable to the specific question asked? Students finding this question after searching Google (or similar) will be looking for lists of scholarships and grants, and the lists must provide descriptions of the application process. Providing a location instead of describing a process to follow would make this a more helpful response. Jared Chung BACKER

Hello Jared Chung. July 20, 2021. Many thanks for your feedback how we can help students achieve their goals. Your comments are very helpful and we will be working smarter in the future. Thanks again and best wishes. Frank .E. Oldfield. Frank Oldfield