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How do I land a tech internship with no experience?

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10 answers

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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Pranav: I recommend that you apply early for internships and to as many as possible. You never know if you are the right fit (intern) the company is looking for.

Get referrals. This could come from friends, colleagues or relatives. Or, If you have a particular company that you want to internship at ask for a referral. Remember to be cordial and send a "thank you" note. Saying thank you goes a long way and you'll be remembered by doing so.

Stay positive and make sure to follow up on your application.

Here's an interesting article from Forbes - ->

One last thing to consider is an "unpaid" internship. You could ask the company if you could volunteer your time so you'll learn the position. This is another great way to gain experience. Sometimes it pays to volunteer in the area you're interested in. By volunteering could eventually lead to a paid internship. I wish you well and hope you find that great internship. You'll get there. Stay positive and approach your search diligently.

Best of Luck to You!

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

Apply to as many internships as possible.
Get referrals.
Remember to send a "thank you" note.
Consider an unpaid "volunteer" internship.
Research Forbes link - -
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Susannah’s Answer

Apply for internships early and make sure you do lots of research on the company if you go for an interview as that shows interest in what they're doing! Read articles, books, listen to podcasts around tech so you are up-to-date on the industry trends and it's more to talk about in an interview. So although you might have no experience it shows you are keen to learn and a real interest in what's happening in tech.
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Gary’s Answer

Attend local and virtual Job Fairs. Make as many connections as possible through tools like LinkedIn to build a network of contacts. Offer your assistance at non profits for any kind of technical related tasks.

Good Luck!

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Lorraine’s Answer

At UPS, they require a student in college. It can be a Junior or Senior with a Information Technology Major. Your courses would have to include some programming classes. Proof of class projects utilizing programming skills. You can go to hackathons at the colleges to meet various business that offer the same thing. At the hackathons, you will see tables of various business offering internships. You go to the table to find out what each business has to offer. And at the event, you can apply right there on site. This generally occurs maybe April , May June.

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Francisco’s Answer

There are many non-profits who have programs for students to gain internships. These non-profits usually have a learning and developing face and after that they place you at a company to intern with. That's how I got two of my biggest internships. Two of those non-profits that are located all over the U.S are YEARUP & GENESYS WORKS. YearUp is for people who are between the ages of 18-24 and Genesys Works is for high school students: make sure you apply your junior year of HS.

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Bonnie’s Answer

Get some experience. You recommend Udacity’s online program which has over 200 free courses from which to choose. Complete a few of these to list on your Internahip application. I earned a Nanodegree from Udacity and coded an app.

Bonnie recommends the following next steps:

Visit and start coding
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Pooja’s Answer

Getting internships with no experience can be daunting but its doable! Applying early is the first step. Going to your career fairs and talking to as many people you can is also helpful. I also suggest finding connections in companies to get internal recommendations when you apply as it will make you stand out.

Good luck! you'll be able to do it!

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Vikram’s Answer

I tried to create my own "experience" by learning web design through a class and then building my own website. I then built some websites that summer and cited myself as a freelance full-stack web developer since I had gained a ton of experience from building these websites.

Even though I had no experience at an actual company, this helped me land an internship the following year.

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Ayazhan’s Answer

<span style="color: rgb(93, 103, 106);">Hi, I would say keep going! This is an amazing opportunity and passion you have and want to try yourself in a Tech Industry. There are a lot of schools or 6 months Programs that will teach you basic Tech Skills and will help you to get an internship in the big Tech Company. I am an Intern in Tech Company right now, I went through Year Up Program, they have co-horts in East Coast as well. So do research you might like the Program and their support for youth. Just keep learning and and searching for the opportunities, you do not have to have a University Diploma to get an internship, there are some Programs that will help you to gain all skills in a certain amount of time/ timeframe to get an Internship (Year Up Program).</span>

<span style="color: rgb(93, 103, 106);">Good luck! </span>

Ayazhan recommends the following next steps:

search the Year Up Program
Search other programs that help you with internship
wide research on Tech, who you want to be out of the Internship/ your goal and why? Any skills or major you want to gain in order to pursue your career?
Think bigger!
Have fun & Believe you can do it and you will!!
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Anil’s Answer

Be sure to always check out the jobs located in your Career Services Portal. Also be sure to sign up for all the career fairs, and if you're in Tech to partcipate in Hackathons.

These will give you some additional touch points to talk about especially for Hackathons. If you're programming, start putting your homework and side projects up on Github so recruiters and other folks can see.