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What summer trip is going to look best on college and job applications?

I can either do a Summer Seminar at one of the service academies (USAFA, USMA, USNA), FLC at Norwich University, or a 16-day Humanitarian Trip (Probably a HEFY trip).
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3 answers

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Nikitha’s Answer

Hello Christian,

Hope you are doing Good.!

The trip that usually has adventure and gives you the best experience.

For example i had been to a solo trip to Manali which is a Cold hill station with lot of adventure around me, i got a chance to meet so many new people from different places and we shared thoughts about our culture and life style, i met some one from Ireland who explained me about their famous cuisine and i shared few Indian cuisines we had a wonderful time and also got to know about different cultures and came to a conclusion that there is always unity in diversity :)

We even planned for our next trip i headed back home with memories and new friends with similar passion.

Hope this helps :)



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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Christian, many trips and experiences abroad look good on a resume but you have to consider what you are learning and whether you are making an impact. Ask yourself what you want to get out of the trip besides looking good on your applications. Also, ask yourself what makes a trip stand out: is teaching you certain skills, for example. I would say trips where you do work or volunteer abroad, or where you learn a second language look most impressive. Other impressive trips are ones where people discover their own heritage or pursue a creative project such a photography exhibition, writing or humanitarian purpose.

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Rachael’s Answer

Hi Christian,

Both of these sound like phenomenal opportunities. I would suggest pursuing the one which falls in line with what you intend on pursuing in the future. For example, if you intend on attending a military school perhaps the seminar would more closely reflect this. That said, I don't think you can go wrong with the mission trip option. Either will certainly make you stand out as a candidate. If there is one you wish to attend more over the other, than I wouldn't hold yourself back.

Good luck.