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What should I major in college that match an extrovert personality?

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Keri’s Answer

There are countless jobs out there that are suited for both introverts and extroverts. Based on what type of career/job you foresee yourself going into, or what most interests you, you can pick an associated major. If you are undecided, list attributes that about your personality that you love alongside activities that you like to do.
Example 1: If you love being in front of the camera and presenting, you might consider a career/major in broadcast journalism, radio announcer, sales, or public relations. The relevant college majors would include: journalism, communications or business
Example 2: If you like working with people, careers that you could explore could be a teacher, recruiter, legal counsel mediator, project manager, hair stylist, or nurse. The relevant college majors would include: education, law, business, specialty schools (for beauty), or biology/medicine.

Next Steps:
1. List what personal skills you have that you are proud of, that you excel in, or that you would want a job that has these attributes
2. List what are your hobbies, interests, activities that you enjoy
3. Look at the mapping between 1 and 2 - have conversations with others about what types of jobs / college majors might be applicable based on your interests.

Whitney’s Answer

This was the exact question I asked when I was considering which degree and potential job path would be good for me, as I am also an extrovert and wanted to make sure my future career would allow me to work with a variety of individuals. After deciding I wanted to go the business route, I knew that a job that allowed me to work with a lot of different people and not necessarily sit behind a computer all day was key to my decision. From there, someone suggested a career in Human Resources (HR). A job in HR ensures every day is different and that you are able to work with so many different people, personalities, industries, etc! I currently work in recruitment and get to meet people such as yourself every single day and see the impact I am making in their futures. Best of luck in your research!

Veronica’s Answer

Communations sounds like a good major for a a personality like yours.

Veronica recommends the following next steps:

  • Do an assessment

Luis’s Answer

I would recommend Pre-law or Criminal Justice as a college major. Both of these majors can get you into a law enforcement career or Law School. Both these careers are great for an extrovert since you will interact with victims, clients, witnesses, and suspects etc. Good luck