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If I am planning on majoring in something like Psychology or Pre-Med, would it be strange/frowned upon to minor in a language or possibly have a double minor including a language and some other science?

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I have taken three levels of Psychology in my high school: gifted, on-level, and AP, and have enjoyed the vast range that this subject offers. I'm planning on going to medical school after college, however I am a first-generation American from my family, so my family and I are not familiar with the whole college and medical school process. I am extremely interested in learning Russian in college simply because my family speaks it, and I am not able to speak it as well as my other family members. #psychology #college-major #pre-med #college-bound #college-minor #language #russian

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Minoring in another area is always a good idea if you can handle another discipline; however, I know that pre-med in itself can be quite challenging. I'm sure you have already started to explore what it takes to get into medical school, which his highly competitive and very expensive. Not to sound too discouraging, but a fall back plan is good.
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I was a full time psychology faculty member at a small, private university for 10 years. My school had a very strong pre-med program with advisors for those students with medical school aspirations. While many pre-med students pursue biology or biochemistry majors for medical school, psychology majors are also competitive for medical school.

FYI: The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) now includes a section on the behavioral sciences. Therefore a psychology major will definitely assist you in performing well on the MCAT.!

Regarding your question about a double major: I generally encourage double majoring especially in another language as it helps develop the brain AND makes the student more desirable for professional and post graduate studies AND employment. However, you will be required to take additional coursework in the sciences for pre-med that go beyond the coursework for the psychology major. That is an additional course every semester! You just might be over loaded with a double major.

Be sure to apply to universities with a strong placement rate for its pre-med students! Good luck with your academic pursuits.

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Hi Alyssa,

From my experience, it would definitely not be frowned upon to pursue a minor or double major in Russian. Not only would this enrich your life personally, as you'd be able to speak with extended family, it could help you professionally as well. Learning a language could open doors to international opportunities, and classes in the arts (such as language) are a good balance to science courses.

It sounds like your goal is to go to medical school and become a doctor. If this is the case, I would recommend you sit down with your current high school guidance counselor and discuss your options. Medical schools have strict pre-requisites you'll be required to complete to get admitted. Your guidance counselor could help you choose a Science major that will meet these requirements. When you start your under-graduate schooling, you may also find it helpful to sit down with your college guidance counselor. They will be able to sit down with you and help you choose courses that will help you meet your goals, as well as introduce you to individuals and activities that will help you accomplish your goals.

Good luck!

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