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Maya F.’s Avatar
Maya F. May 04, 2016 634 views

How easy is it to double major?

I'm interested in doubling majoring in marine science and biology next year and I was wondering how difficult the process is college biology majors marine-biology...


Pamela A.’s Avatar
Pamela A. May 04, 2016 814 views

What are the math requirements needed to be taken for a major in Biology?

I want to know the possible maths I might have to take in college if I have Biology as a major so I can prepare for them doctor college-major biology mathematics molecular-biology...


andrea G.’s Avatar
andrea G. May 12, 2016 864 views

For a pre-med track, which major would be more helpful: General Biology, Human Biology or Molecular Biology?

I was considering switching from a Molecular Biology to General Biology major before selecting my schedule and was wondering if any on biology major would benefit me most. college-major biology...


Kenesha C.’s Avatar
Kenesha C. May 18, 2016 1031 views

How did you know or find the right career for you?

I am asking because I am stumped about what I want to in my post-secondary education. college college-major career-choice...


Kristina Z.’s Avatar
Kristina Z. May 18, 2016 658 views

I am at the end of my junior year in high school right now. When do I need to know what I want to major in?

I currently am undecided for my major but am leaning in some division of education - unsure of which part as of now. college college-major college-bound...


abby S.’s Avatar
abby S. May 18, 2016 493 views

is dual majoring a worthwhile endeavor?

I want to dual enroll in animal and plan sciences, will these have much in common coursework wise?...


Mariel W.’s Avatar
Mariel W. May 19, 2016 678 views

What are the benefits of attending a Liberal Arts college?

I am currently attending a small private liberal arts school in Ohio, and while I believe that my education will be very useful, others tend to think that these degrees do not mean as much and are not worth as much as public university degrees for example....


Alyssa B.’s Avatar
Alyssa B. May 19, 2016 920 views

If I am planning on majoring in something like Psychology or Pre-Med, would it be strange/frowned upon to minor in a language or possibly have a double minor including a language and some other science?

I have taken three levels of Psychology in my high school: gifted, on-level, and AP, and have enjoyed the vast range that this subject offers. I'm planning on going to medical school after college, however I am a first-generation American from my family, so my family and I are not familiar with...

language college-bound russian psychology pre-med college-major college-minor

Lydia W.’s Avatar
Lydia W. May 22, 2016 786 views

How do I know a school is right for me?

I want to go to The Ohio State University, but I'm not sure if I want to go because it's right for me or if it's because everyone else is telling me to go. college...


Jasmine W.’s Avatar
Jasmine W. May 23, 2016 613 views

Is it okay to pick a major that does not have a lot of job opportunities in the state you live in?

My current major is Apparel Merchandising and Product Development and with me being in Ohio, the jobs can be limited because it is not one of the larger, more fashion driven states. Would it be too risky to stick with it , and chance the possibility of relocating? career...


Jordan G.’s Avatar
Jordan G. May 26, 2016 1301 views

What is life after college like?

After I graduate, I don't expect to be able to get a job the moment I leave. How do I get on my feet after I graduate even though I'll be drowning in student debt? I'm not sure what will be needed after I graduate college! college...


Shakuan F.’s Avatar
Shakuan F. Jul 02, 2016 854 views

How should one decide what minor to choose?

Some say that you should pick something that is interesting to you as a minor, but others would suggest picking a minor that will compliment your major. Which is a better suggestion? college college-major college-bound colleges...


Shakuan F.’s Avatar
Shakuan F. Jul 02, 2016 599 views

How can one determine the best country to study abroad in that relates to their major?

Hopefully this question can help anyone who is deciding that they want to study abroad but don't know where is the best place for them to do so. college college-major college-bound study-abroad...


Shakuan F.’s Avatar
Shakuan F. Jul 02, 2016 754 views

How much does it cost to study abroad?

I am curious and want to understand how much money goes into a single semester abroad. college college-bound...


Sharlene M.’s Avatar
Sharlene M. Jul 08, 2016 645 views

If I decide to go into a biology major or other related fields (i.e. biochemistry, microbiology) is it relatively easy to find jobs or should I look into going to grad school soon after I graduate from college? What kinds of jobs would be available to me?

I'm a rising sophomore in college who is interested in paring her environmental science minor with a biology major or a major from a related field. Before I declare my major I'm curious about the availability and type of jobs that I can consider after I graduate from college. biochemistry...

environmental microbiology