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What career should I do in the fashion industry if I want to do a fashion line but I'm not a designer?

I want to have my own fashion line and influence fashion and be very known. I want to make it to the top of the industry. But, I'm not a designer. I'm not interested in designing, but how do I have my own fashion line without being a designer for it? And if possible any high school classes or AP classes that will prepare me for that? #fashion #fashion-design #apparel-and-fashion #artist #fashion-shows #styling #apparel #merchandising #designer #help #help

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4 answers

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Caryn’s Answer

Hi Valerie,
I hope you are well. I want to commend you for thinking about what you want to do while you are still a student. I think younger ppl are so much more strategic than I was during HS or college in terms of planning for my future. I would start by creating some type of business plan and vision board. I do not think you have to be a designer to be involved in fashion or to ultimately own your own brand. Many smart leaders have been quoted as saying that the smartest thing you can do is understand your own areas of weakness and hire ppl that compliment them, so that you have a competent team and you all support each other. I would also recommend understanding each facet of the fashion industry, so you know what it takes to create and run a brand. I think ppl get caught up in the glamour of that world and forget that it's a business and a multibillion dollar industry that requires a business background if you want to own a brand because as the owner you would responsible for the management of the company, so I would take any business classes, marketing and social media branding classes and of course any executive leadership classes that are offered. Good luck and stay inspired.

Thank you! Valerie M.

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Amy’s Answer

Hi Valerie!

It’s really great that you are asking these questions early on. There are a lot of different types of roles that you can take on in the fashion industry that doesn’t necessarily have to be fashion design.

To determine what type of role that would most suit you, I think it’s best to get an understanding of what you currently enjoy. For example, do you enjoy working with numbers? Are you good at math? Do you enjoy strategizing? If you do, there are roles in fashion called merchandising in which you analyze how much inventory that will need to be made for the next season. Another example is fashion styling. Styling can range from selecting clothes for fashion magazines, to red carpet to styling the clothes that you see when you’re shopping online. Similar to design, that requires a good eye to figure out what items go together but it doesn’t necessarily require you to design. Ask yourself this now, do you enjoy putting together and outfit? How do you make your outfits pop? Is it with the right accessory or a bold color?

Ultimately, your career is what you make of it. Do things that you enjoy and success will find you. Whatever role you decide to pursue, there is always a way to create your own fashion line.

In terms of classes that will prepare you, if your school offers a home ec class, I would recommend taking it. Part of understanding the fashion industry is knowing what goes into making a garment. Understanding the process and work that goes into making a piece of clothing can help you in the long run. It doesn’t mean you have to do that for a living but it will help provide context on how long things take to create, why certain materials are used, etc.

Hope that helps!


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Mauro’s Answer

Production role, Project Management, Operations. You can also be a sourcer for fabrics that is needed for the fashion line.

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Prettina’s Answer

If I understood your question right, you prefer to be in the fashion industry however not be a fashion designer. I think you would like to be a fashion entrepreneur or in other word own a fashion brand . I would suggest to have a basic knowledge of fashion designing, styling, fabric knowledge, pattern making etc, by taking some crash course online or in person. Once you gain basic knowledge about the fashion world, you can hire people to take care of these areas. The other option is that you can act as the business director for your fashion line and partner with a fashion designer who can take care of the design part. Hope this helps.