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Jessica Jul 20, 2020 1000 views

What holds women back in most workplaces?


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Azaria Mar 02, 2021 866 views

What are some good marketing tactics?

#marketing #startups #business

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jennifer Feb 26, 2021 562 views

If you want to get involved in business, how can you start working with larger corporations and parter with them to become successful.

#business #bhaddie #education #wealth #success

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Valerie Feb 23, 2021 650 views

What career should I do in the fashion industry if I want to do a fashion line but I'm not a designer?

I want to have my own fashion line and influence fashion and be very known. I want to make it to the top of the industry. But, I'm not a designer. I'm not interested in designing, but how do I have my own fashion line without being a designer for it? And if possible any high school classes or...

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anna Feb 16, 2021 373 views

could this effect the career

#career learning