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How can I balance sports music and working into my life?

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4 answers

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Dana’s Answer

Hi there! It really depends on what every one of these things mean to you.
We have 3 things:
1. Music
2. Sports
3. Work

Work will occupy most of the time of your day. It will help you develop your career path. In the rest of your free time, you can develop other life-paths: your hobbies and interests.
Here, it depends on how you view music and sports.
If you are interested in music from a musician's point of view, you can try to schedule your time so that you have the possibility of writing lyrics or going to singing lessons, whatever you enjoy. You should do it if you think it really brings you joy and it makes you feel good.
If music is just a thing you enjoy as a "listener", you can incorporate it in your every-day life. Listen to it while working, while taking breaks or while doing sports :)
If you're in a sports team or going to contents, again, you can organize yourself, with discipline, in order to be able to train. If it's just a hobby from time to time, that's great too: you can go for jogs/play basketball or whatever you enjoy whenever you get some free time, or organize yourself so that you go, for instance, at least 3 times a week.

In conclusion, my advice would be to learn how to organise your free time and prioritise what you want to do. There are plenty of resources for this online, plus books on how to create habits and be productive. Try applying some techniques and see which one would work for you best!
Here are some books that I enjoyed:
📘 Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, by James Clear
📘 Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, by David Allen
And some videos I found useful:
🤍 How to manage your time more effectively (according to machines) - Brian Christian

🤍 How to gain control of your free time | Laura Vanderkam

It is great that you don't want to drop what you enjoy doing: this is what makes life amazing! Hope this helped and don't hesitate if you have additional questions!
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Katherine’s Answer

You have about 8 hours a day to do work, more or less, and about 8 hours a night to sleep, more or less, so that means you have 8 hours left in each 24 to do the rest of your life. Lots of that each day will be spent in being around your family and friends/building your relationships, and eating, commuting, traveling, studying, physical movement, being still and resting, etc.

So start by figuring out where your 8 hours are much of it comes between waking up and working in the morning? How much of it happens at your lunch hour? How much of it happens between work and dinner? How much comes between dinner and bed? And then you'll have some ideas of tiny things or huge things you want to rearrange with that time. And you'll be able to see where you might be able to balance your sports with your music.

It can be a big problem these days to only work for some number of hours for some number of days a week, with the onus being put on you to do 100% your best during work hours, and then deciding when you're going to be done working for the day and for the week, and make sure to not do any work until it's time to work again. That's more freedom than previous generations had, but having liberty and freedom is hard--it means you're in charge of stuff yourself! So again, maybe keep in mind that it would be good to plan to do 8 hours of a work a day and then stop, or however you need to spend your hours each day to earn enough to support yourself. But then whenever you're not working, don't work! Do all the other things in your life.
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Rebecca’s Answer

It really depends on how would manage your own time. What kind of career you would like? Since you like Music & Sports, would you like to develop in the career in these 2 areas.
There are plenty of career related to these 2 areas , e.g. Musician, Singer, Composer, Athlete, Journalist, etc. If you work in these industries, you can work in the industries you like.
On the other hand, in terms of work life balance, you can use some tools to help you manage your time, e.g. Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc. You can put down the major items in your schedule, e.g. the time you go to work or attend school. Then, you can identify your spare time. You can put your other activities that subject to your priority, e.g. play music, exercise, meeting friends, etc. You have to schedule enough time to rest as well.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Daniel’s Answer

Balance is an art, definitely. We're all always trying to figure the best way to do it, or improve it. Personally, I always try to balance my work as a social and enviro responsibililty manager in HPE with my career as a jazz guitar player and riding my bike, and also my personal life as a husband/father. Not easy, but personally I set up goals and weekly routines, and then I check every month how I'm doing againts those goals, and make adjustments. I try to be disciplined but also I try to be flexible, there will be some days/weeks when probably one of those areas will get more time/attention or make more progress on, and that's ok. Next week I try to focus on the other things. Keeping a log of what you do every day/week is equally important, that way you can track your goals % of achievement. At the end of the day, the sum of those little parts of everyday effort will count.

Daniel recommends the following next steps:

create a daily/weekly/monthly calendar of very concrete activities/tasks
set up monthly ( or weekly, or yearly) goals, keep them realistic and sequencied logically (dont plan to run a marathon on day 1 of start running, i.e.)
create a journal- log, for you to start registering your progress.
keep it realistic, honest, simple