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Professionals in the Pediatric Nursing Field!

HELLO! My name is Jasmine and I am a current high school student. I'm conducting an interview with any professional in the pediatric nursing field for a Foundations in Health Science Class project about careers! I have created a total of 13 questions. Comment on this post, answering all 13 questions to be a part of my assignment.

1. What profession did you choose? Why?

2. How many years of college did you need to go through?

3. What jobs did you work on before you landed your present professional job?

4. How can I decide if I should earn a Ph.D. in this field?

5. Were you in a college program?

6. Did you have to pivot and go back to school at a later date?

7. Did you shadow another professional in the field?

8. Did you join any school clubs related to your current profession?

9. Was there a particular subject you struggled with during your school years?

10. What skill sets did you learn or gain while pursuing your career?

11. What kept you motivated in your studies to pressure your career?

12. How do you manage your work/study time with your career?

13. What was the thing that made you see that being a pediatric nurse was your “calling”?


Thank you comment icon Hi Jasmine, you've asked a ton of great questions, but listing them all at once can be overwhelming for professionals. I highly encourage you to ask each one individually (or search to see if its already been asked) so that professionals can answer each question in detail! Gurpreet Lally, Admin

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1 answer

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Christian’s Answer

Good afternoon Jasmine!
I am so glad that you are so interested in Pediatric Care. To start off I had chosen to become a pediatric nurse as well. I always had a love for young ones and even have a little princess of my own back at home. I care for her health and safety deeply and want to ensure medical care for other children as well. I first went to a community college for two years and then enrolled at Texas A&M University for another 4 years and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I didn't work at many jobs before working at my current workplace other than a small side job at my local high school as a school nurse. Honestly, I believe that you should earn a Ph.D. in this field because it's a GREAT career with many open opportunities here in the US. I find it very flexible and enjoyable as well. I didn't join any college programs because I was very focused on my studies which I slightly regret. After my first two years of community college, I took one break year because I wasn't 100% sure of what I wanted to do and fully commit to. I shadowed a couple of people in my field who would be my family members. I had two uncles that were also in the pediatric field that gave me lots of advice during my college years and were the ones that really pushed me into pediatric care. In my high school years, I had always thought I would go into a business and finance career because my parents were real estate agents at the time. Unfortunately, my high school didn't particularly offer any clubs related to business finance and especially not pediatric care. Throughout my career, I had learn many skills, and even think pediatric care made me become a better person. I grew to become much more patient and gentle with people. I have great and clear communication skills with parents and especially young children who have no idea of what is occuring to them while at the clinic. Again like I said after motivation from my relatives, that helped guide me to take pediatric care a chance in college, I was able to really learn and expand my knowledge more than the simple basics of what I thought pediatric care really was. Though at times working from 10am-6pm can be tiring, I had learned how to manage my time. I set routines for myself daily for my work schedule but always remember to take time for myself in order to be ready for work mentally and not let it become draining. Finally, it was during the one-year break that I realized that helping children around me is something I genuinely want to continue to do in my life.
Good luck with your assignment!

-Christian Magal
Thank you comment icon THANK YOU! I can tell you put a lot of time from your own day and effort into this deep/detailed response and I can't express how much I'm thankful! Jasmine