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Exploring interests in college, how do I choose classes?

Updated Oakland, California

I'm a high school senior who has interest in multiple fields for college. One thing I'm looking at is engineering school. I know a lot of colleges have separate GEs or core requirements for engineering majors but I would still like to explore other subjects such as foreign language and music. How would I go about this in college and when choosing classes?

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3 answers

Amanda’s Answer


Hi Kieta,

I hope your search for engineering schools is coming along well! My first suggestion when looking for engineering schools is to confirm music and foreign language courses are offered. I believe that wont be hard to find as many schools consider foreign language and exploratory classes like music to be part of the core curriculum. If you are interested in learning if engineering is for you, you could explore engineering during your freshmen year. In a typical semester with 5-6 courses, half can be allotted to engineering and the other half towards other studies. After completing various studies within freshmen and sophomore years you will have a better understanding of engineering and can better determine if you would like to advance in that field and pursue mastery courses. There is plenty of time to sort it out and many resources to rely on. I recommend getting to know your professors from the engineering, foreign language, and music departments. By explaining your interests, you professors may be able to guide you towards exploratory programs and experiences. When attending my undergrad, I learned more about engineering by attending a presentation at my university. It was pretty cool hearing from innovative engineers visiting all the way from Seoul, Korea.

Nicole’s Answer

Updated Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Don't worry too much about going out of your way to explore different fields/classes during your undergrad, college is so focused on Gen. Eds. anymore that you're bound to be able to take classes in a wide array of fields. If you want to do engineering and feel that you would be good at it, go for it! On top of that, being an engineer with foreign language skills is even better! You could easily double major in engineering and a foreign language if you're willing to put in the work or minor in the foreign language if you're nervous about the double major. As for music, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore that with your Gen. Ed. requirements. Music, whether a major or minor, is always a really tough program, so if you choose to go that route, be ready to put in a lot of work for an uncertain reward.
Speak to an academic advisor.

Leah’s Answer

Updated Round Rock, Texas
best way is to speak with your counselor at school or if you would like to wait, you can ask the counselors during your college orientation.