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How do you figure out your calling?

I am a junior with many passions. I am still trying to find what I am supposed to do with my life. I want to know how others found their passion. #career #career-counseling #law #medicine #school #photography #military #higher-education #education #technology

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4 answers

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Bob’s Answer


One way to help make a decision from many, many possibilities is to seek out people who may already be in a field that you find interesting. Sometimes, you can arrange this through your school or a local community center. Ask if you can volunteer for a set period of time or at least follow around someone that may be performing in a role that you would like to pursue. Talking to people in that role is a good start, but actually see what they REALLY do on a daily basis may help you focus.

Bob recommends the following next steps:

Ask friends or neighbors if they know anyone who works in your field of interest - this could help with a starting point
Contact your school to determine if 'share days' are possible within your field of interest

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Christine’s Answer

Hi Paola,
Melisa brings up some very good points. I would however, add college to her list, doing what you love is always the ideal way to find a career, but that is not always the case. Many times individuals start in a career they may be interested in and find it is the best pathway and they love what they are doing. Going to college helps you see all the wonderful avenues ahead, gives you a chance to check out the myriad of career options that are available, gives you purpose and also gives you more openings for pursuing the career you have chosen. Getting a degree is so very important and since you are planning in advance for your future, you sound like someone who likes to plan ahead, list out all possibilities, and set up a plan for your future. While you are checking out colleges, look at the degrees they offer, make a list of everything that you are interested in pursuing and link that information into what you want from a degree and college. As a freshman, you can always go to career counseling and take one of many tests which help you find out your interests:

"Career aptitude tests are designed to assess your skills and interests to determine what type of careers and professions match you. And luckily, nowadays, there are career aptitude tests online that are free of charge to help you determine what to pursue for your professional goals."

4 Free Aptitude Tests to Find Your Perfect Career - College Degrees

Here is a website which helps you decide on the type of college you may want to attend:

I hope this is helpful Paola, you are very smart thinking about what you want to do with you future now, giving yourself a lot of time to research, talk to college career advisors and really think about what interests you.

Best of luck with your future decisions, I know you will make a good choice.

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Melisa’s Answer

Hello Paola. A helpful way to start is by asking yourself three questions. A. What brings you joy? B. What are you good at? C. What will people pay you (enough) to do or that could be a career for you? I've heard this several times from some of my own career mentors. The "sweet spot" is when you find a career that combines all three. Also, while I feel it is important to have a plan in place and understand what your career goals are, it's okay if you're undecided right now. Through my personal journey, I've met wonderful mentors and people who led me to the career I'm in today. Keep an open mind, do your own research on careers and companies that interest you. Best of luck to you!

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Phi’s Answer

I think it might be helpful for you to seek out different volunteer / job opportunities in the fields you are interested in. Go out in to the community and meet people in the professions you are interested in. Take classes in those fields. Try to get exposed to as many things as you can to help weed out what you don't like and find out what you do like. There are so many careers to be explored and more that are not even discovered yet so you really have a lot to choose from.