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Quantitative Analyst
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
McLean, Virginia
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Rukmini Jun 27, 2020 4006 views

What do investment bankers do? How many hours do they work? How much money do they make per year and is it worth it since I have heard that the hours are long?

#finance #money #college-admissions #salary #college

Calleigh’s Avatar
Calleigh Jun 15, 2020 2322 views

What job should I get?

I like math and finance. #finance

Mauricio’s Avatar
Mauricio Jun 11, 2020 2045 views

I am a finance major, and i would like to know what the starting salary for a financer is.

#finance #accounting

katerina’s Avatar
katerina May 18, 2020 646 views

How many weeks is this internship?

I am a second year university student who is interested in public health and health policy management. I am looking for opportunities where I can gain transferable job skills and create lasting relationships. #internship #healthcare #business